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ECOPLUG MAX® is a 100 percent effective method when dealing with the elimination of spouting from broad leaf trees.

  • Can be used all year around.
  • Kills: Alder, elm, aspen, birch, beech, lime, maple, mountain ash,sallow, poplar, ash, cherry, bird cherry, oak and more
  • Minimizes the use of chemicals during treatment of trees and stumps.
  • ECOPLUG MAX will eliminate the entire root system but nothing else, Neither people, animals or enviromnent will be affected by our product.

It's a selective method that reduces the use of chemicals by 90% compared to traditional methods.
It's applied for approval by the Environmental Protection Agency.

ECOPLUG MAX® is mainly sold in Sweden and South Africa where the product is being manufactured by VUKUHAMBE (stand up and go) by handicapped local workers.

If you cut down one or several leaf trees in your garden, new sprouting will commence almost immediately. By utilizing ECOPLUG MAX®, the stump/tree will die. Treat the stump by applying the plug right after felling, in fresh wood.

To check if the wood is alive, drill a hole from the side of the stump and check the saw dust coming out, it should be moist.
If you don´t know what kind of tree you have cut down, use a higher dosage.

How is it done?

  1. Drill a hole 1/2" diameter and 1 3/8" – 1 5/8" deep.
  2. Use a hammer to drive the plug into the hole, thus sealing the opening so that no substance can escape.

Where should you apply the plug?

There are two main methods.

  • On standing trees from the side
  • On the stump from above or the side.


Use the plug on:

  • Fresh wood
  • Evenly distributed around the stump/tree
  • Close to the bark and the capillary system

Number of plugsHow many plugs will be needed?

As a rule of thumb, take the diameter in inches and divide by 3.


If you want to obtain the Safety Data Sheet to scrutinize the content of the plug.
PDF file Roundup-Max

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