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  • Mr Hans Merving started the company ECOPLUG SWEDEN AB in Eskilstuna, Sweden in 1985.
  • The goal of the development of ECOPLUG has always been to minimize the use of chemicals for controlling unwanted regroth of trees. Hans Merving realized the power of individual treatment with encapsulated pesticides and the first version of ECOPLUG was developed.
  • In 1989 the current version of ECOPLUG was developed.
  • Today the product is sold in Sweden, Finland, Norway, England and South Africa.
  • For years we have supplied several million Ecoplugs to satisfied customers.
  • The company currently has 50 shareholders.
  • The plug is manufactured in South Africa by VUKUHAMBE ("Stand up and go") as a part of providing handicapped local people work and a meaningful life.


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Ecoplug superior to spraying

A test made in the UK and published by JSD Rails confirms Ecoplug is superior to spraying

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