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Does ECOPLUG work on fruit trees?

ECOPLUG works on all broad leaf trees.
On species not mentioned on packaging please read the operating label or contact us

Can I use ring barking instead of plugging?
Is it not enough to stubble fizz the stub away?
How do I apply the ECOPLUG to the tree/stub
If I don’t have a 1/2” drill?
How many ECOPLUGS should be used?
Where should the ECOPLUG be applied?
When should I apply ECOPLUG?
How is it possible to kill the entire root system?
Does the stub decompose quicker when using ECOPLUG?
How long after the tree is cut can ECOPLUG be applied?
How long will it be before the tree dies?
What is the active ingredient in ECOPLUG?
Can anybody use the ECOPLUG?
Is there any danger to household pets?
I have kids in my garden, can I use ECOPLUG?
Should not such effectivness be poisionous?
Is ECOPLUG degradable?
Can ECOPLUG escape into the water if it is applied in a tree nearby?
Does ECOPLUG work on Fir and Pine?


See a movieclip of how it's done in three simple steps.

Demonstration Ecoplug

Ecoplug Commercial

Ecoplug superior to spraying

A test made in the UK and published by JSD Rails confirms Ecoplug is superior to spraying

Read more about the test

How to use

See how to easily get rid of bruschwood in three simple steps



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