ECOPLUG and the enviroment

This is ECOPLUG in the environment

The active substance inside Ecoplug is glyphosate. It is well encapsulated until the plug is driven into the tree or stump. Once inside it will burst and the substance is released.

  • Glyphosate is a pesticide, it is a proven and well documented product.
  • Glyphosate has been on the market for over 30 years without having revealed any alarming reports.
    It provides security for us as manufacturers of Ecoplug as well as for you as users.
  • When the glyphosate is released in the tree/stump it's transported by the plant's nutrient levels to the root system where it blocks the plants vital amino acid formation.
    The tree can not live without this protein formation. This means, in principle, that the tree "starvs" to death.
    The process will take 4-6 weeks during the growing season depending on temperature and humidity.
    The better growth conditions, the faster the tree dies.
  • The glyphosate itself is broken down by the grounds own microorganisms into four substances: carbon dioxide, nitrate, phosphate and oxygen.
    This is natural substances found in our nature. In contact with sunlight Glyphosate also forms another residue product. Plain water.
  • Since the glyphosate is encapsulated inside the Ecoplug it never gets in direct contact with anything else but the plant that is to be exterminated.
    Neither humans or animals is affected by the substance. It stays where it belongs. Inside the plant.
  • Ecoplug is safe to use even if the groundwater is shallow, due to the low mobility and the rapid decomposition of glyphosate. Therefore Ecoplug can not contaminate our groundwater. That's very important for us at Ecoplug because in South Africa the plug is used to ensure safe drinking water for rural communities where a healthy water supply is difficult to obtain.


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