The benefits of ECOPLUG

ECOPLUG have lots of benefits both ecologically and economically.

Ecological benefits

  • 100% selective method.
  • No spillage of chemicals.
  • No risk of damage to the surrounding nature.
  • No risk for those who do the work to come in contact with the active substace
  • ECOPLUG is approved to be used by individuals.
  • ECOPLUG contains a well-documented active substance that is broken down completely by nature itself.

Economic benefits

  • ECOPLUG prevents the formation of new sprouts.
  • You do not have to clear the regroth year after year.


See a movieclip of how it's done in three simple steps.

Demonstration Ecoplug

Ecoplug Commercial

Ecoplug superior to spraying

A test made in the UK and published by JSD Rails confirms Ecoplug is superior to spraying

Read more about the test

How to use

See how to easily get rid of bruschwood in three simple steps



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