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Ecoplug MAX®

ECOPLUG MAX® is an efficient method to prevent regroth from leaf trees.

  • Provides 100 percent effective on all brushwood
  • Can be used all year round
  • Kills all unwanted leaf tree
  • Minimizes chemical diffusion
  • Kills the entire root system of the treated tree/stump
  • Fully selective method
    reduce chemical use up to 90% compared to previously used methods.

ECOPLUG MAX® is a little ingenious plug that is inserted into a tree or a stump to kill it and eventually eliminate it and its regroth.
When you cut down one or several leaf trees new sprouting will commence almost immediately.

ECOPLUG MAX® is an 100 percent effective method dealing with eliminating the sprouting from broad leaf trees. It 's a selective method that will reduce the use of chemicals by 90% compared to traditional methods. The active ingredient is released inside the plant that is to be exterminated.

ECOPLUG MAX® is mainly sold in Sweden and South Africa where the product is being manufactured by VUKUHAMBE (stand up and go) by handicapped local workers.


  • Can be used all year around.
  • Will exterminate: Alder, elm, aspen, birch, beech, lime, maple, mountain ash,sallow, poplar, ash, cherry, bird cherry, oak and more broad leafed trees
  • Minimize the use of chemicals during treatment of trees and stumps.
  • The product will kill off the entire root system, but only the root system. Neither people, animals or the enviromnent will be exposed to our product.

By utilizing ECOPLUG MAX® the stump/tree will die.
Treat the stump by applying the plug immediately after felling, in fresh wood.

To check if the wood is alive, drill a hole from the side and check the saw dust coming out, it should be moist.

ECOPLUG MAX® is applied for approval in the US by the Environmental Protection Agency USA.

How to use

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